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Photo Gallery

Magazine List


American Vogue

10/78:Gia's Vogue> debut by Elgort, page 330  
11/78:Calvin Klein slip-dress w/sunglasses by Elgort, page 294
     Blanche pooper scooper and "dead" pages 348-51  
1/79:Gia at fence by von Wangenheim (clothed) pages 114, 119         
     (nude version in book Fashion: Theory, page 161, see below)  
2/79:Desert shots with helicopter by von Wangenheim, pages 232, 234  
5/79:Mexico shots with Hansen and Dickinson by Reinhardt, pages 228,          
     230, 232, 236-37  
9/79:Studio 54 shots by Demarchelier, pages 512, 514, 516  
10/79:Paris collection shots by Piel, beginning page 332  
2/80:Piel shot of Gia watering plant, page 277 
3/80:Avedon editorial precursors to Versace ads, pages 292-99  
5/80:Scavullo shots from St. Barts, pages 233-41  
7/80:Scavullo favorite shot of Gia, page 130  
8/80:Cover by Avedon, Perry Ellis feature, pages 241-44  
11/80:Last great Vogue shots of Gia by Piel, page 324, and Scavullo,          
      pages 365-75 
 9/82:Last Vogue shot by Blanche, pages 546, 548, 550    


 6/79:Gia by Stember, pages 228, 233  8/79:Gia by Stember, pages 140 

British Vogue

4/79:Cover by Chatelain    plus many Chatelain shots beginning on page 116   



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